Here are 5 unique things to avoid in affiliate marketing websites

I want to talk about a few common of hopefully unique mistakes that new affiliate marketers make. While there are many more that other blogs can tell you, I am hoping to give some that you may not have thought about or read from these affiliate marketing blogs. So here are 5 unique things to avoid in affiliate marketing websites.

Having a subdomain

Having a subdomain in your main website domain is not only an unprofessional look, it also indicates that you may not be as serious about your results as far as trying to make money in affiliate marketing. On top of that, it is usually hard to rank a website that has a subdomain such as “.wordpress” within it. Also, from what I have heard, you may not actually have ownership of your content you create. To make things worse, if you have a “.wordpress” within your blog, then wordpress has the right to shut down your blog.

(Its very common that in a .wordpress blog that WordPress doesn’t allow you to monetize your blog. You have to own your own domain to do this.)

Abandoning your blog

Abandoned town

This is not good for any niche website that is trying to make money with affiliate programs. The first reason is that people want to know that they can visit your blog at least once every week if they anticipate new content coming from you. The second reason in relation to the first is that Google ranks you based on how active your site is. If it is not active, it is not going to get ranked and people are not going to see it. Keep delivering content consistently for at least a couple of years if not forever, and google will continue to reward you with first page rankings.


Watching your analytic’s

This is the equivalence to watching paint dry. You are not going to see a dramatic spike up in traffic. Well, you will, but not on a day to day basis. The dramatic spike tends to happen when you look at it over a year to year period. What ends up happening when people do this on a day to day period is that they end up getting discouraged because of a perceived lack of results. On top of that, it wastes time by preventing you from writing content that will spike up your traffic.

Google Analytics Data

Placing Irrelevant affiliate ads on your website

Have you ever ran into a website and you notice that all ads relate to the site you are visiting? Well, that’s how it’s suppose to be. After all, do you really want to see an ad for toys on a site that is all about camping? No, because it’s irrelevant to what you are searching for. In fact, I have seen people promote an affiliate marketing course like Wealthy Affiliate on a site that is about dog training. It’s really bad.

Don't promote these affiliate ads

Fitness website trying to promote an affiliate marketing course which is not relevant to their niche. On top of that, its wasting money with paid advertising.

Another reason to avoid this is because the ad would not convert well and even worse, you may actually turn that visitor away from your website if you have an ad that is irrelevant. Also, that visitor may never visit your website again. The purpose of having an ad that is relevant to the niche site is that it helps people find what they are searching for. If I am looking for a place to buy a blender from a site that is about kitchen appliances, that website directs me to a store that sells it (using their affiliate link of course). I would not feel like something is out of place because that website has relevant information that I am looking for and they are telling me where to buy it.

Writing content that is not related to your niche

This is just as bad as placing an affiliate ad that is not relevant to your audience. I have also seen this from new affiliate marketers, and it is cringe worthy. Imagine my audience visiting a website on fitness and is trying to get tips on how to get bigger arms, only to find an article on how to build a website? What would come to your mind? Wouldn’t you think to yourself: What does this have to do with fitness at all? Also, would you end up coming back to that website? Probably not. After all, you are looking for websites to solve your problems. In this case, how to get bigger arms. If you are not finding that on that particular website, you would probably go to another website. After all, there are plenty of fitness websites that will provide you with the information that you need.

If you are going to write content about camping, make sure that the articles that you write are exactly about that or they relate to camping in some way. Some articles you may consider writing for a niche in camping may include:

Camping tent

  • The 5 best sleeping bags
  • The 10 best large family tents for camping
  • The Best survival knives for camping
  • How to find firewood in the forest to start a campfire
  • the best insect repellent for camping in the woods
  • etc.

If you are writing a post on best dog toys in this kind of website, don’t expect your visitors to come back to your website.

I know it is tempting to write content that does not relate to your site in hopes of attracting new visitors to a website, but all you will be doing is driving away people from your site. This also alerts google to put other sites ahead of you in their rankings. We sure don’t want that do we. So just write good relevant articles. 

So I hope that you are more aware of avoiding these mistakes when it comes to your affiliate marketing business. If you have made these mistakes before, don’t worry about it. Making these mistakes is part of the learning process.

I want to know if you have seen any of these in an affiliate marketing website? How did you feel about it? 

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