A few tips for buying a domain name

These are a few tips to buying a domain name and a website hosting plan especially if you are planning to start a blog in the near future. But first, what are a few reasons you would want to do this. Usually, this is so that you look professional, you keep ownership of your content, and you rank much easier in the search engines. The last point is critical as it is usually hard to rank a subdomain (i.e. .wordpress) in the search engines.


How to buy a domain name and a website hosting package

What Criteria Should I use when buying a domain name?

Buying a domain name is going to be a critical decision. So before going out to your domain name registrar and giving them your money, take some time to plan. Ask yourself a few questions as followed.

Brandable or Exact Match?

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself if you want to use an exact match domain or a brandable domain name. One thing to note is that an exact match domain focuses on keywords within your domain name whereas a brand able domain name is something that is unique (i.e. Facebook, Uber). You can’t go wrong with either one, but do note that an Exact Match may give you a slight edge when being found in the search engines especially when you are writing phenomenal content. 

Do I want features? What features will I want for it?

Features are another part you will have to consider for a domain name purchase. Some of the most common features that Registrars will offer you on top of your domain name purchase include things like website e-mail addresses, SSL, and privacy protection. Unfortunately, buying these with your domain name will only increase your expenses. 

If you are planning to do SEO and rank your blog posts, you may want buy things like SSL. Sites with SSL tend to favor well with Google. 

How many years should I buy for?

This is another factor to think about before you go out and purchase a domain name. Most registrars will allow you to purchase a domain name for multiple years. Some have options like a one year plan, a two year plan, a five year plan, and some even as high as 10 years.

If you are not sure if you are going to have a website for a long time, I would personaly recommend that you only purchase a one year plan at the most as it will only leave you short $12 at the most. Upsells not included. Oops, I hope no one caught that (yeah, there are upsells, which is why I saved the trouble of pointing you to the cheapest place right at the end of this article). If you purchase a 10 year contract for your domain name and you abandon it after 1 year, then you would lose out on $100+ dollars. Again, upsells not included. Oh shoot, I did it again. 

Want to know where to get the cheapest domain names?

If you know anything about domain names, its that they can get very expensive with upsells like SSL, Website Email accounts, Privacy protection, and much much more.

Where to buy a hosting plan

Hostgator wordpress hosting platform

Next is buy a hosting plan. Before you go buy a hosting plan, here are some recommended criteria that I would think about:

Site support

Site support is one thing that you really need to consider especially when there are difficulties going on within your website. I have had friends and fellow affiliate marketers deal with headaches because site support took a lot of time to handle their websites problems. 

How much the hosting server can handle

Nothing is more unfortunate when the servers are overloaded and your website ends up crashing. Not only is your website not available to visitors who want to visit your website, but it also means that you lose money as an affiliate marketer or an e-commerce store. After all, visitors are going to your competition instead. On top of that, you may lose rankings on the search engines. Nothing is worse than a bad customer experience especially when you don’t have control over the website servers. 

Amount of monthly visitors your website hosting can have

Some hosting servers allow your website to have up to a certain amount of visit coming to your website in a given month. Bluehost as an example will allow you to have 100 million visitors coming to your website in a given month. Others like WP engine will only allow up to 400 thousand visitors a month. So it would be a good idea to gauge how much traffic you would expect your website to get. If you don’t expect 100 million visitors coming to your website, then don’t buy a plan that gives you that many. 


If you are on a tight budget, I would not recommend going on a hosting plan that is as pricey as WPengine, especially on their multiple website hosting plans. If you are looking for cheap places to buy a domain name, consider looking at hosting advice


Last Few Piece of Advice Before Buying

If I can offer a few pieces of advice before you go off and buy your domain name, make sure you calculate your budget and stick to what you can afford. If you can’t afford the more expensive but higher quality hosting, stick to the cheaper alternatives.

You should also be committed to your website long term. Again, it doesn’t make sense to buy a domain name for a website only to end up abandoning it months later. 


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