Can I do affiliate marketing without a website? See my Alternatives

Can I do affiliate marketing without a website? This is one of the more common questions I have gotten from people who have wanted to start affiliate marketing but are to afraid. Maybe it is the technical aspects of starting one. It can also be the cost of getting a website started. But to answer the question, yes you can get started in affiliate marketing without a website. So lets lay out a few alternative options:

Email marketing

Advantage of this method

If you are using an email marketing tool such as convertkit, you can use their platform to host a landing page that you create and place your offers there. The one advantage of email marketing is that because people are subscribed to your lists, you can marketing to them over and over again and continue sending them relevant affiliate offers that solve their problems.

ConvertKit Email marketing

Disadvantage of this method

You will have to pay for traffic using googles ads, facebook ads, bing ads, etc. The reason why is because you are not making content in the form of blog posts from a website. As a result, you are not getting indexed or ranked within the search engines.

On top of that, email marketing is a waiting game as well because you have to build trust with your subscribers. They are not going to click and buy on the first affiliate offer you send them just because you subscribe. In fact, they want to know that you are providing them value in the form of information first. If you just spam them with affilaite offers every time you email them, your subscribers are going to think that they are just dollar signs to you. No one wants to feel like someone elses dollar sign.

youtube channels

Youtube Channel

Advantage of this method

Starting a YouTube channel doesnt cost you anything. All you need is your phone and an email address from google (gmail account), and your all set up. You are not paying for anything. On top of that, if you already know how to do SEO and keyword research with a free keyword tool such as googles keyword tool planner, you will easily be successful in attracting views to your videos.

Disadvantage of this method

This method may have a disadvantage as you may not be allowed to put in raw affiliate links into your videos description. You also don’t have the luxury of cloaking your links unless you have a wordpress plugin like prettylinks.

LeadPage Funnel

Advantage of this method

If you do not have landing page hosting from an email service provider, you can instead opt for a landing page service such as Online Sales Pro, Clickfunnels, leadpages, etc. With these services, you can create beutiful landing pages that will allow visitors to that landing page to convert.

Disadvantage of this method

You will have to link it to an email marketing service as most likely, you will not convince your visitors or subscribers to buy on the first message. This is already on top of the traffic that you also have to pay for through the search engines mentioned from the email marketing methods. 

Clickfunnels Homepage


Do I recommend starting without a website?

So while you do not need a website to get started in affiliate marketing, personally I would much rather have someone start with a website as oppose to using the other options by themselves. The other options that I recommended above do have their perks but also their drawbacks as mentioned. But if I were to give my opinion on this, I feel that having a website in conjuction with the all the above methods put together will yield the best results.

With respect to email marketing, you get fresh new faces who are not your subcribers visiting your website every day via your website from googles free search traffic. Plus you also get the retargeting opportunity of email marketing along with having a website as well.

As opposed to having a YouTube channel by itself, a website and a YouTube channel can compliment each other by sending traffic to each other. You can embed videos on your website or link your channel to your website as well. From the YouTube perspective, you can give extra traffic to your website by leaving a link to it in the video description or by telling people to visit your website from your videos as well.

Do you have any questions? Let me know in the comments below. You can also visit my #1 recommend affiliate marketing training course if you wish to learn affiliate marketing.

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