Can you get rich by following Ewen Chia copy paste system? My Review

Do you want to make money by just copying and pasting? Do you want to make over $3000 in a single weekend? Maybe even triple that amount? If you have seen these, then your gut is probably telling you to walk away because this is just to good to be true. Today, I am going to go into detail about the copy paste system and if it a program that I recommend. So lets see if you can get rich by following Ewen Chia copy paste system.

Product: Ewen Chia’s Copy Paste System

Founder: Ewen Chia

Price: $37


What is Copy Paste System?

The copy paste system is a system that is designed to supposedly make you money within a couple of days or 48 hours. It works by following the steps: 

  • Copy affiliate links
  • Paste affiliate links
  • Make Money

On top of that, the system is already done for you. Included in the system is traffic magnets which you will be using to drive traffic to your affiliate offers. 


Just need two skills

This is seriously the only good thing I can come up with. I don’t have anything else. If you have the skills of copying and pasting, then this would be easy for you. Other than that, there is nothing that I see that is good about this. 

Training Videos Included

Ewen is willing to include training videos for his system on how to set up traffic magnets. Even I am not sure if the traffic magnets are a good product to be quite honest (read more below). 

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee Stamp

At least Ewen is empathetic enough to understand that people will be skeptical of his claims to the point where he is willing to offer a money back guarantee. However, just because someone promises them, doesnt mean that they will follow through on their promise.



Claims to have a done for you model

This is a serious red flag to me as anything that is worth getting such as money has to be worked for. These done for you models seem to attract the lazy people who don’t want to do the work and just want to make the money. While autopilot systems are possible to create, they take a lot of time to build them up to the point where they run on autopilot. But the claim is that it is already set up the moment you pay for them and that you should see money flowing in the next couple of days.

Too many Claims

Claims from Copy Paste System

There are many claims in this program such as you do not need a website, no need to build email lists, no web hosting, no domain name. These are things that a typical affilaite marketer needs. But in this case, you apparently don’t need them. He also made a claim that the affiliate program was paying him 100% comissions. If that was true, then that affiliate company clearly has no good business sense considering the purpose of an affiliate marketer is to make you money, not cost you money.

Make money immediately

Being in the online world, while this is possible, the only way I see it happening is if you get your friends and family or people on facebook groups to buy into it. This would be hard to do considering most of them can spot this from a mile away. 

Access to traffic magnets

The first thing about these traffic magnets is that it is not explained how they work in depth or how they drive traffic to the products that you are promoting. All that is mentioned about them is that they will double or even triple your income. 

The idea of copy and paste

Copying and pasting affiliate links is one way to get penalized by google especially when all the landing page is meant for is one big ad dump. Its not that google doesn’t like affiliate links, its more so that they want helpful content that is not meant to spam in any way. This includes putting excessive affiliate links. I think this is why they had to come up with traffic magnets, as a way to fool people. 

Who is this for and can they benefit?

This is for anyone that wants to get scammed out of their own money or waste their time with a venture that won’t pan out to anything significant (i.e. making money). Absolutely no one can benefit from this in my opinion. Remember, making money with affiliate links requires you to create helpful content and not just copy a bunch of affiliate links with the hopes of getting the traffic to buy products. Remember, you are dealing with human beings, not pawns for manipulation. If there is one thing that most people do not like, it is being spammed.

Verdict: Not Recommended

Overall Rating:

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