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14 To every generation, relying on a pension is dangerous

Introduction I want to talk to every gerneration and particularly my age group (millenials) about relying on Defined benefit plans especially if your company is offering you one as part of your job. Recently, relying on a pension has become dangerous and has falled into uncertainty. The irony is that pensions were designed to provide […]

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10 Should I quit my job to focus on my business?

Man carrying boxes

We all have many reasons for wanting to leave our job. Some may hate what they do or hate the people they are around, others want a better lifestyle that their job can’t provide, and others may want to focus on their dream and start a business. Usually, when we start a business, we wonder […]

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21 Affiliate Marketing vs Multilevel Marketing

Introduction Today, I want to cover the differences between Affiliate Marketing and Multilevel marketing. Both happen to be forms of marketing to other people but sometimes the two can get mixed up. To make things worse, there are some MLM companies that say they when you join their company, you become an affiliate and are […]

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10 Graduation Season and what that means for you

Introduction Its that time of the month again where most people especially those in college have long waited for. You have picked up your cap and gown and are ready to receive those two letters (B.S. or B.A.) next to your name on that piece of paper you call your diploma. Yes, it is graduation […]

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15 How to get started in affiliate marketing for newbies

Introduction Today, I want to talk about how a newbie can get started in affiliate marketing. I want to get into more specifics on starting an affiliate marketing business. As you read this, I will go into detail about what is commonly used when starting an affiliate marketing business and a couple alternatives or supplements to […]

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10 Common Fears most people have about affiliate marketing

Introduction Today, I want to go over the most common fears that most people may have when doing affiliate marketing. Maybe you have experienced these fears before. Maybe it was the reason you never started. These are all totally understandable as I had these fears myself. My objective is to help you get over these […]

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