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3 How to install a theme for WordPress

How to install a theme for wordpress

Todays tutorial is on how to install a wordpress theme for your wordpress blog, then you have come to the right place. This guide is for people who had just bought a theme license (usually averages around $50-60) and is a fairly short and easy 6 step guide.     Step One The first thing you […]

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3 How to add a plugin for wordpress

how to add a plugin for wordpress

WordPress plugins are awesome to use especially when you are running a blog. There purpose is to help with a sites functionality as typical wordpress websites are limited in what they can do without said plugins. So this video guide is about how to add a plugin for wordpress so that you improve your sites […]

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13 How to find keywords on Jaaxy

Introduction Today, I want to go over how to find keywords on Jaaxy. I already wrote how you can do this in Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool (read here), but I want to show what you can do on Jaaxy’s tool that you can’t do on the Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool. Read my Review Here What […]

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