How to find affiliate programs for your niche


Have you ever started a website on a specific niche and had trouble looking for an Affiliate Program?Finding an affiliate program within your niche can be tough. There are some companies that you want to promote but they just don’t have one. So today, I want to go over a few different ways on how to find affiliate programs.

Traditional google search

One way you can find affiliate programs that relate to your target audience is a traditional google search. You do this by typing out (niche) + affiliate programs. So for example, if your niche is on fashion or fitness and you wanted to promote shoes, you would type into google the following:

Shoes + Affiliate Programs

The following image is what you should get from google if you are trying this method.

Use the Jaaxy keyword tool

Another way to find an affiliate program is through your Jaaxy keyword tool (if you don’t have it, you can sign up here). First you would log into your account, then go to affiliate programs next to search analysis. From there, you will type in your niche. In this case, I typed in shoes as shown below:

The following results then come show:

I can then sign up to these affiliate networks without having to do much research on the networks themselves. The only drawback I should mention is that there are not many affiliate networks Jaaxy can search from (i.e. shareasale).


Sign up to affiliate networks

Affiliate networks are basically a directory of Affiliate Programs that are listed with that particular network. Some of the most common affiliate networks include:

  • CJ Affiliate (formerly commission junction)
  • Share-A-Sale
  • Clickbank
  • LinkShare
  • Amazon Associates

The one thing I should mention is that there are a lot of affiliate programs within the networks mentioned above and you may get lost trying to look for an affiliate program that suits what you can advertise to your audience.

Bonus: Google Adsense

Google Adsense is another way to make money if you can’t find any affiliate programs that suit what you are trying to offer. Some companies may not have an affiliate program and others that do may not be a great product or have any brand awareness behind them. With Google Adsense, you still monetize your site every time a visitor clicks an ad on your site. For every ad that is clicked on your website, google will pay you 68% of the advertising revenue. One thing that I should mentioned is that when you start a site with the goal of monetizing, it is best to test out both Adsense and traditional affiliate programs. Sometimes, you make more money from the affiliate program based on the product you are recommending and the commission rate and other times you make more money using Adsense.

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