Is Email Processing System a Scam? 2017 Review


Today, I want to go over if Email Processing System is a scam. You may have heard of this through the Facebook work from home groups and have seen someone post about it on Instagram or any other social network. So let’s get into how it works:

Company: Email Processing System

Overall Rating: 0/10

Price: $25 to join, $10 extra for a website

Owners/Founders: Not Known

How It Works

In order to join Email Processing Systems, you first need to click on their ads and land on one of their landing pages. Once here you are going to enter your email and get the following information. Here is what they say you will need upon joining:

Once you have paid your $25 ( maybe $35 if you include the $10 website), you will be posting 3 ads on craigslist as this is the maximum amount of ads that you can post within their platform. They do however, encourage that you create multiple accounts so that you can post more than the maximum of 3 times per account. You may also promote using your social media accounts such as Facebook (work from home groups), Instagram, and Twitter. For every email that you process using your ads, you make $25 per emails. So if you process 10 emails, you make $250. 


  • Has an Earnings Disclaimer

*This is the only positive I can seriously think of, so that should tell you something


  • Makes it look like they are an affiliate marketing company when they are in fact a ponzi scheme. As long as there are more new investors in the scheme paying old investors, the scheme will continue. 
  • You pay $25 to get in and for every email you process, you get $25. So basically, you have to get 2 people to join in order to make a profit. Then they have to get 2 people to join to make a profit, and so on and so on. As long as this trend continues, no one is the wiser. The problem should start to click if put this together with my next point below.
  • Only real value is in promoting EPS, at least with other services where you pay something to be in their affiliate program, you are not obligated to just promoting them. These would be services that you would be using anyway in your day to day business operations. As an example, while you have to be a paying member to be in GetResponse or Awebers affiliate program, they do not expect you to pay them to just promote only their product. They expect you to use their services to help you in your email marketing campaigns for your business. My point is not everyone should be in the company to just promote the company, but EPS seems to only provide value in only promoting EPS.
  • Claims it can be done in under 20 minutes of work every day. Anything thats worth having is going to take more than 20 minutes a day. A true online business needs at least 4 hours a day outside of ones full time job or 8 hours a day if this is a full time job. 
  • Website cost around $10, and the cost includes hosting. I am not sure how you will be making money if you are only charging $10 for a website. I understand that a domain name can be around that price but the cost of hosting can range anywhere from $7/month to up $100+/month. They assume a one time fee of $10 extra. 

Who Can Benefit

I do not think anyone can benefit from this program but I do believe a lot of people can get hurt especially in their wallets. This company seems to make a lot of optomistic assumptions about how much you can make the second that you are signed up. 

Verdict: SCAM


Let me know if you have seen this company before and if you have had any experience with them. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below

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