Is Online Sales Pro a scam? My personal experience with OSP


So what is Online Sales Pro (I will refer to it as OSP going forward)? Does it work? Is Online Sales Pro a scam? These are the many questions that people want to know when they see all the positive reviews. Online Sales Pro is a system that helps any business generate leads for any home business. The membership with Online Sales Pro includes 500+ custom landing pages. Read more about this in my OSP review.


Name: Online Sales Pro

Owner: Vincent Ortega Jr.

Price:$37/month (monthly membership), $97/month (mvp monthly plan), $997/year (mvp yearly plan)

Website URL:


Social Media Training Guides

 OSP has many guides that teaches you how to market on specific social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest. They tell you what times you need to post, how you should present or post, and who to target.

 Access to their Facebook group

With OSP, you get access to their Facebook group which essentially acts as a support group where you can ask other members specific questions related to OSP.

Variety of landing pages

 OSP has over 500+ landing pages which are attractive and can help for any type of business needs.


Has an affiliate program

 OSP has an affiliate program that is also residual. This means that everyone they refer that has a monthly membership is a membership that continues to pay the affiliate every month. Each one varies based on if the membership is monthly or yearly. OSP’s compensation plan works by paying the affiliate $20/month for every $37/month membership.

Your not limited to just promoting OSP 

Again, OSP is a landing page platform that can be used to promote your specific business. Some of their users only promote the system to other business owners who may have a need for it and they make their monthly income in this fashion. However, you are not obligated to do so.


No other avenue to generate traffic besides social media, email, text 

Online sales pro doesn’t have any other way of gaining traffic besides using paid advertising or PPC marketing. While PPC and paid advertising has its place, any affiliate marketer knows that the best kind of traffic is the traffic that is free.

Not really useful for an affiliate marketer

Affiliate marketers that know both Paid advertising and SEO and can usually learn it from any course in affiliate marketing. Having a lead capture page is not very useful considering you can create one within a wordpress website.


Who its For

This product is designed for those who have a home based business or those looking to generate leads. The product seems to be popular with those in the Multi-level marketing industry. While OSP is not a scam and is similar to other services such as clickfunnels, I myself did not see any value in using the system as I felt it did not suit my needs (This was after trying it).

Although they have beautiful lead capture pages, I found that the best way to capture leads was through creating your own website. As stated above, you can create a lead capture form by integrating the contact form 7 plugin within your WordPress site (shown to the left). Additionally, you can also use search engine optimization. This helps you get found on the first page of google which generates more traffic. Traffic which is organic and free.

Verdict: Recommended*

Rating: 7/10

(While Online Sales Pro is okay for helping your local business generate leads through the use of PPC and social media marketing, I would personally take a beginner friendly affiliate marketing course which teaches you all the things online sales pro teaches, as well as how to generate free traffic for your website.)

Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have tried Online Sales Pro, let me know what your experience with it is and if it actually helped you.



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