Warrior Forum Review – My Experience

Warrior Forum Review

You have probably seen internet marketers on the warrior forum and have figured that it is another good resource for adding to your affiliate marketing knowledge. Today, I want to do a warrior forum review and see how good of a resource it is. After all, it is free to join under a non war room membership.


So what is the warrior forum? The warrior forum is a place where internet marketers can learn more about internet marketing using the public forums available to them along with other resources such as personal courses in email marketing, affiliate marketing, etc.

Name: Warrior Forum

Price: free for regular members, $97 a year for war room members

Founder: Clifton Allen (acquired by freelancer back in 2014)

Website: warriorforum.com


Well established community

The warrior forum has a well-established community and has been around since the late 1990’s and has given some good information on internet marketing.

Reasonably priced memberships

At a price of $97 a year, the warrior forum is an affordable resource for anyone does internet marketing. If you can’t afford to put together $97 a year, then you need to re prioritize your finances.

Many teachers in different fields of study related to internet marketing

Warrior forum has many contributors to the forum teaching their respective field. This includes Rand Fishkin of Moz, Hitten Shah of Kissmetrics and Crazy Egg, Brian Dean of Backlinko, and Bronson Taylor of Growth Hacker.

No spam

The moderators make sure that their is no spam in their forums. This makes it easier for members to feel at ease knowing that they are not going to be sold to and no hidden agendas are involved.

Warrior Forum rules on posting


Not allowed to link your review post on their forums

You are not allowed to put your own review posts within forum discussions. While I am sure this would help you toward exposing your content, you have to understand where warrior forum is coming from. The warrior forum does not want forum posts to become a big advertising dump where members spam each other with offers. While you are not posting your affiliate links, they know that posting your review post within their forum pages is going around that rule. Remember, they teach about internet marketing. They’re not that stupid.

The only true drawback to this is you won’t be able to ask for comments on your post like you are able to in Wealthy Affiliate. You can only get around this by asking forum members to do a google search on your post. Even that’s not guaranteed if your page is not ranked in the first 10 results of page one. After all, do you think they want to do a scavenger hunt through the search results to find your page? I certainly wouldn’t.

You might get bad information sometimes

This isn’t to say that the warrior forum is outdated by any means. Like all places that try to provide information on an ever-changing field such as internet marketing, there may be information that is sometimes outdated as a result of algorithm changes in googles search engines.

You might run into a few scams

Some members of the warrior forum have had bad experiences with scam courses being posted on their.

How it compares to Wealthy Affiliate

The warrior forum actually has a lot of similarities to Wealthy Affiliate that make it a good resource. There are a few things that it doesn’t have within its platform that you would need to get from outside sources. However, you can get these resources at Wealthy Affiliate without any upsells or any schemes if you purchase their premium membership. In other words, all the good without the bad. You can read more about it in the chart below.

What are your thoughts on the Warrior Forum? Have you used it before? Let me know in the comments below.


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