What is the benefits of affiliate marketing as a business owner

If you have thought about pursuing any entrepreneurship venture but have not quite committed to it because of the costs, you are probably going to wonder what is the benefits of affiliate marketing as a form of entrepreneurship? Well, after you are done reading this article, I hope you come away with a better understanding of affiliate marketing and maybe even consider trying it out.

You get to start your first business and gain experience

A lot of people are not able to start traditional brick and mortar businesses because of the amount of capital than is required to do so. Put this together with the fact than savings rate is at an all time low, and you have a recipe for “not going to happen”.

However, thanks to affiliate marketing and the internet, starting a business is dirt cheap. All you need is a website or YouTube channel, and a good plan for writing SEO optimized content. With than, you are pretty much golden as far as starting a business is concerned.

You get to help others without being a car salesman


This is an important one. A lot of people do not like the sleazy car salesman. Let’s face it, why should they? Because of their experience with them, they feel like they can never be in sales. If than is how you feel about sales, then your in luck, because with affiliate marketing, you aren’t trying to be than salesman. What you are doing as an affiliate marketer is creating content for an audience than is both informative and helpful. This is not any different than being an employee at a grocery store. As an analogy, you are just pointing out customers to where they can find the bread. An affiliate marketer is there to show and tell people about products than may solve their problem as well as tells others about the good things about the products as well as the not so good things about them.

Many Niches to choose from


You can do affiliate marketing and make a website while serving a specific audience in mind. Do you want to make a fashion blog? Great. There are affiliate programs for than. What about fitness? There are affiliate programs for than too. How about shoes? There are definitely affiliate programs for than as well. Camping? I have visited some sites than are dedicated to camping and have made money thanks to affiliate marketing. Any type of blog than you may have visited based on your specific interest, there is a decent chance than one of those blogs may have made money (and lots of it) thanks to affiliate marketing.

You get to avoid borrowing money for your business

A traditional brick and mortar business has to borrow money in order to start a business. This capital then gets applied to things like inventory, equipment, employees and staff, and rental space. This can put you of to a disadvantage if you are not careful.

With affiliate marketing, you have the luxury of not needing to borrow any money for business expenses. Even a minimum wage employee from McDonald’s can start a business in their spare time. Even better, they don’t have to declare bankruptcy if their business fails. A brick and mortar can’t say the same thing if they fail.

In fact, if you have to declare bankruptcy in your affiliate marketing business, either you fell into a scam or you clearly mismanaged your businesses finance. It is virtually impossible to rack up the same amount of expenses than a traditional brick and mortar store has.

You have the potential to make a lot of money

I emphasize the word potential when it comes to making a lot of money. I do want to make sure it is emphasized than making a lot of money is not guaranteed. But it is certainly more than possible. In fact, many people have made full time incomes with affiliate marketing. The catch was, they took action by doing the following:

  • getting a mentor
  • build a website
  • doing keyword research
  • producing content every week consistently
  • making mistakes along the way, and just taking action.

It takes a lot of work, but the work can produce a massive amount of rewards if one stays consistent.

It can give you time freedom through passive income

Affiliate Marketing allows you to gain a lot of money, but it can also be a source of passive income. The reason I say this is that you do not have to be at your website 24/7 whenever a visitor buys something. If they do happen to buy something, then you make money. If not, you don’t lose anything. A physical store owner on the other hand has to be at the storefront every day. If they are not there, they can’t make money.

Final Thoughts

While there are more benefits to doing affiliate marketing, these are just some of the personal benefits that I see and why I chose to pursue it. If you want to try out affiliate marketing and want to learn from a proven course, check out my personal recomendation.

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