Where to find images for a website

We all want nice looking images on our website. Some for visual asthetics, others because they make our message clear. So I want to go over where to find images for a website. Buf first, why should you use images for your website?

There are a couple reasons a website should consider using images:

SEO purposes

With images on a website, they can be optimized when you use alt tags and keywords. This helps contribute to your SEO and may part of the reason you rank slightly higher in the search engines.

Engages with the readers and visitors

The images can be an awesome way to give your readers a break when it comes to reading your content. It may also help for people who may be visual learners, especially when you are presenting an infographic.

So now that I have covered that, lets get back to where you can find images. There are the many places where you can find images for a website.

Stock Photo Websites

Stock photo websites are excellent places to get photos if you are not quite comfortable using pictures that you take. I know I am not a photography expert by any means. They are usually free and there are tons to choose from. Although there are others that you may have to pay for but are very affordable.





Creating your own images and illustrations


Canva is a place where you can also create illustrations as well as images of your own imagination.. These can be things like creating photos for social media, for custom made banners, infographics, and so much more. On top of that, you can combined them with stock images that you get from the websites above.

Tablet or Phone


Due to the popularity and advance resolution on smartphones, taking high quality photos over your phone is another option for getting images for your affiliate marketing blogs. If you are good with taking photos from your phone, this is certainly another option. You don’t need any fancy equipment like a DSLR camera in order to make this work.



You should also consider using your phone or your laptop for taking screenshots. This is handy when you are doing review of products and you need an image from the internet and you want to give visual inside looks on the product that you are reviewing.

So if you are looking for images to post on your website, consider using stock photo websites or even using your own equipment.

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